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Doris Bertocci, LCSW –R

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BCD

I view psychotherapy as a confidential partnership held together by a mutual trust, courage and commitment to understand what has been embarrassing, confusing, and/or painful in your life. My extensive experience and psychodynamic foundation help me "listen faster" (understand alot more in less time, which I then share with you). I provide a safe, emotionally engaging process (not just "cognitive-behavioral" information). Typical comments: "None of my previous therapists ever connected the dots like this"; "You never gave up on me". I treat those I am certain I can help, provide referrals as needed. 3rd OFFICE: Pleasantville Diverse practice, told my wisdom is evident in my clinical work. Expertise: college/young adult mental health (UG/grad students). Specialties: mid-life concerns; problems with adult children; high-conflict divorce, custody litigation; indecision re: job/relationships. Specialty in the treatment of adopted adolescents, young adults/adults - Northstar Consulting Associates. My therapeutic "style" might best be described as "interactive listening." I work primarily within a psychodynamic framework but also cognitively (intellectual/psychoeducation as well as emotional understanding and changes). Am exceptionally knowledgeable about resources to recommend, as needed, and refer to colleagues with clinical specialties in areas other than mine.

(914) 591-9796

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