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Dr. Martin Vigdor, PhD

Psychologist, LCSW , BCD

I am a clinical psychologist with over 45 years postdoctoral experience working with a broad age range of people. The individuals, couples and families I work with present many different needs, issues and life problems, all bothersome enough to prompt a call for help. For many people, recognizing a need for help is a very difficult thing to do, and calling for help can be an act of sheer courage. With my training in clinical, school and social psychology and my long work experience in many different settings, I try to serve as a resource to people who call, to make them feel safe exploring their problems and emotions, and to encourage steps they may take in meeting life challenges. My approach is nonjudgmental and my knowledge of family dynamics and community and organizational systems is an asset I bring to this process. If you are struggling with a life or relationship issue that is interfering with your sense of well-being, please feel free to contact me.

(860) 772-0582

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